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A.M. Clegg

Glazed porcelain ventilated facades, hard bodied ceramics and cobbled walkways.

Mazista Tiling Services in conjunction with Kwazulu Natal partners Durban Tiling recently secured the prestigious renovation contract for the various tower blocks comprising the Growth Point Properties Sandton Close precinct.

The contract called for the stripping off of the old glass tile cladding and outfitting the buildings with a shiny new aluminium skeleton installed to carry the specified 1000 x 500mm glazed porcelain tile as a ventilated façade.

Before renovation began

Scale of the work involved

Installation of the framing




All of the buildings were required to be scaffolded  from top to bottom to install the aluminium framework, thereafter tiles are being installed by hand to each section. The ventilated façade system being used by Mazista Tiling Services creates an open air channel between the tiles and the building itself which has an insulating effect against variations in ambient temperature, not only from day to night but also from season to season.

Mazista will also be attending to the replacement of the building apron with hard bodied ceramics and the walkways which will be cobbled. Various internal renovations are also being attended to by Mazista.

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Applying the porcelain tiles