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Sandy Moutinho

Need something to occupy your mind over the next 3 weeks? Give some thought to your next project with natural stone.

Consider where you wish to install your natural stone tile; what kind of conditions will it need to be able to withstand? Foot traffic and moisture levels should be the most obvious considerations, as well as any spillage or staining problems that may arise from your young children or pets.

With the location in mind, think about the issue of finish. This should help you to choose the kind of finish that would be the most suitable. Tumbled or brushed or a natural tile may answer the slip-resistance question. But honed or polished may meet your visual requirements. Weigh the pros and cons, always balancing visuals with practicality

When you finally get your natural stone tiles, expect there to be slight color variances. This is still a natural product with varying degree of mineral deposits from tile to tile. But you can use this to your advantage. Open all boxes (if boxed) and try a dry run using all of the tiles in your batch. You should always view several pieces of the tile that is to be installed before the installation begins. Since it has been created by nature, .....not only are no two pieces exactly alike, those two pieces may not even be very similar.
Be creative!

Natural Stone offers subtle yet rich tones to any interior or exterior, as well as a level of long-lasting durability which makes it a reliable material as well as a decorative one. A natural Stone tile installation links your interior or exterior with a architectural tradition that goes back thousands of years, as well a linking it to an ongoing tradition likely to last for thousands more!.

 Your environment has an effect on the tiles you choose, so take this into consideration:
Color is light. The color that you "perceive" consists of both the surface of the tile, and the reflection off the tile of its environment (lighting, furniture, large fixtures, cabinets, wall color or furniture). This is why it is so important for you either to see the tile in your environment or to understand that the tile you choose will look different than it does in our showroom. If you paint your wall dark blue, your tile will look different. If you have incandescent or natural light, the tile will look different compared to under the lights in our showroom.
Next month: natural variations and installation principles.

Is there anything you feel we have missed out? Do you have any other queries?