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Rose Dillon

Are you all spaced out?

Are you spaced out, can't decide what treatment to go for? Try these prescriptions.

From the warm, sandy depths of Country Cameo to the high polished elegance of Volakas, Mazista Tiles can supply you with a tile for every style imaginable. The question is… where do you start?

From my experience, the best place to start is to decide on a style. Do you want your space to exude a comfy cottage-like feel or maybe a sleek clean look…. or even a bit of bling for those dinner parties where you want to impress the out of town in-laws? Visualize your friends and family in the space. What do you see the space looking like?

Once you’ve settled on a style you need to choose your colour palette. Your style will already dictate this to some degree, all you need is to fine tune it a bit. Here are some colour suggestions for these styles:

Comfy Cottage – yellows, warm beiges, subtle reds, warm creams
Sleek – ivory, soft grey, cool beiges
Bling – crisp whites, deep greys, polished browns

Remember to save the bright colours for accents. If you get tired of a postbox red feature wall you will need to call in contractors but window treatments, vases etc are easily changed.  Please also take into account the amount of sun these tiles will get. A black slate for example will absorb heat. Imagine mid-summer, Johannesburg, noon … those tiles will feel like hot coals under your child’s bare feet.

With colours now chosen, it’s time to think texture. Rough textured products like natural sandstones are excellent in areas that get wet because you won’t slip on them. Take the same product and put it in a high traffic kitchen and you will be on your hands and knees scrubbing floors forever. Same goes for a polished marble, fantastic in a reception hall … deadly near a pool.

This may be a short crash course but, by preparing this before doing the dreaded shopping trip, you will make a confident, educated choice.  

Remember don’t rush it… this is your masterpiece.


Did you find this article useful? Have any tips of your own? Please feel free to share them with us below.